Advocate's medical & dental practice specialist, Red Weller, has over 25 years of experience in representing medical and dental office users, and is directly involved in each transaction.  


Lease Abstracting
Lease & Market Analysis
Lease Restructures
Architectural Design 
Space Planning
Construction Build Outs
Critical Lease Date Management 



the Dental Loft
Dr. Philip McDonnell 
McHugh & O’Reilly
Assoc. for Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
Woodfield Endodontics
Silc Periodontics
Helix eye care


Red Weller approaches his profession with many of the same qualities that I feel set a great dentist apart from the rest – experience, confidence, patience, attention to detail, and a great sense of humor. From day one Red made it clear that he had only my best interests in mind and never once allowed me to make a bad decision that would have adversely effected my office and lease in either the short or long term.

Patients are rarely thrilled to see the dentist, and dentists are never thrilled to negotiate a lease. A great dentist can put even the most anxious patient at ease, and Red did the same for me when he negotiated the complex lease and build out of my fantastic new office.
— Dr. Philip McDonnell
Everyone should use a tenant representative when looking for a space or renewing an existing lease. It is an industry unique to itself and you need someone with experience and understanding to help navigate through it. I highly recommend the experts at Advocate Commercial Real Estate Advisors.

Opening an office is no small undertaking and there are about a million different moving parts to coordinate. Red Weller, of Advocate Advisors, helped us find a space, negotiate the terms, and understand the long term implications for our business. I appreciated all of Red’s work and his efforts to streamline the process and advocate on our behalf.
— Elly Sharaf-Eldeen, the Dental Loft
Red Weller’s professionalism, attention to detail, diligence on our behalf, and timely delivery of documents were all outstanding. He was able to guide us through all the details of our lease renewal and make significant suggestions based on the current real estate market profile in our area. Most importantly of all, he achieved great results while still maintaining the excellent relationship that we had developed with our building management team; that was a very high priority for me personally.
— Elizabeth M. Barrett, Busch & Musich Orthodontics
Red Weller played an integral part in the renegotiation of our lease at our dental office. We were paying an over market price for our suite. He helped us and others in our building to lower our rent by approximately 25%. He dealt with the landlord in a professional manor and managed the negotiations to our satisfaction. We could not have done it without his experience and expertise.
— Bernard J. O'Reilly D.D.S
Red a was pleasure to work with. He was very helpful in negotiating substantial savings in the rent price. He also got lots of extras that I would have had to pay for in addition to the rent. I would recommend him without reservation.
— Ben Jafarnia, One Woodfield Place Endodontics